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We’ve had a number of people ask us to have the opportunity to chip in to support the show financially and we thought patreon was the way to do that in a way we can also give you some rewards in a way of thanks. We love that people take time each week to listen to us and are blown away by the community we’ve created.

We believe the show brings a lot of value to our listeners each week, in a means of entertainmentknowledge and valuable running insight.

The Inside Running Podcast is free to listen to but not free to make, we’ve got a number of costs behind the scenes which we’re out of pocket for. Our time is also highly valuable to us as we’re all extremely busy in our owns lives, therefore, creating, producing, coordinating guests and promoting the show each week takes a significant amount of time.

We’re extremely proud of what we have created and look forward to continuing it with you on board as a contributor through patreon.

Help us create running content for you & be rewarded for your contributions!

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