Inside Running Podcast

A weekly podcast by 3 fast runners, for all runners. Brady Threlfall (2.19 marathon), Julian Spence (2.14 marathon) and Bradley Croker (2.17 marathon) talk distance running news, training, review running gear, check in with guests and cover races in a relaxed format.

“Australia’s Greatest Running Podcast”

“As a marathoner who loves the sport, this is the best podcast. Brad, Moose, and Brady are tremendous. They know so much about running, gear, and you get so much personality and hilarious banter from them along the way. I find myself tracking their splits from across the world in the US every time they race. They’ve had fantastic guests almost every week too.”

“Well done to Brady, Brad and Julian for putting together a relaxed running podcast covering all topics, interviewing interesting runners and keeping banter at an all-time high. Great company on a long run and gives some great insight on all things running! Cheers fellas.”

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